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Nov. 23, 1989
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Men, Women, Trans, Couples
@LailaGetsNaked on twitter
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19 hours, 39 minutes
English, some french and spanish
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trees/ no booze
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Covered in cum
Naked and begging...
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About Me:

Genderfluid woodland elf seeks to better the world by contributing to the woefully shallow pool of amateur queer pornography.

Hello! My name is Laila and I love getting naked, fucking outside, and dang cuties of all/no gender/s. And weed.

If you're into genderfluid androgenous people, you have come to the right room! I'm non-binary, trans-masculine, and generally resistant to the notions that everyone must either be male or female.

Just a happy healthy human being, ok? My pronouns are they/them but I also like to be called he and even she if my androgynous pronouns are also being respected. I am pansexual and polyamorous which means I do not limit myself to the conventional standards of love, sex and relationships. I am attracted to all/non gendered typed of people and often enjoy multiple personal romantic relationships.

I'm here to spread love and peace and healthy sexuality...and to pay my bills, yo.
If you would like to see something, politely ask in a tipnote and I'll probably do it, otherwise, I'll be doing whatever the fuck I want, including sucking on my fingers and toes, reading erotica, fucking myself and my lovely lovers.

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Laila's Twitter! @lailagetsnaked

Here is a basic glossary of words to understand in order to be compassionate and empathetic to all people, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. These are in my own words, created from my experiences in real life and my search to better understand myself and others.

A collection of sociologically accepted behaviors that, by performing, designates you as male or female. Includes dress, posture, voice tone...etc. Gender is something you do, rather than something you are. If you want to know someone's gender, ask them. In private conversation, by asking their pronouns. Do not out transgender people.

The biological characteristics that designate you as female, male, or intersex. Includes hormones and genitals.

To identify with a different gender than the one assigned at birth. Transgender people may identify as women, men, non-binary, genderfluid, agender and others! Many cultures have recognized transgender people in their communities for thousands of years.

To identity with the gender that you were assigned at birth. NOT a slur, not used to pejoratively classify people who are not trans, but a useful word to accurately describe those who feel good with the gender they've been designated.

To identify with a different sex than the one assigned at birth. Many transsexual people transition from their assigned birth sex to their true sex through varying means of hormone replacement therapies and potential surgeries. There is no one way to do this correctly, every person decides for themselves what actions are desired. It is as impolite to inquire about such methods as it is to inquire cis-gender people are their genitals. "So, like, has your vagina, always been a vagina?" This is an outdated term and is generally being replaced with the more inclusive "transgender" Porn however still favors this and many other much more offensive terminology for labeling transgender content.

Asexual: A person who feels no sexual desire. May still participate in romantic relationships and any other activity, except sex.

Greysexual: A term used to describe a person who is mostly asexual, but may occasionally feel sexual desire.

Queer: A social identity that opposes itself to traditionally accepted heteronormativity. It's an umbrella term and adjective used to describe anyone who chooses it for their gender and/or sexual orientation. Used perjoratively for years, but currently reclaimed by many of the LGBTQIAA+.

Heteronormativity: The social and mass media representation that monogamous, cisgender, heterosexual couples are the best.

Feminism: The movement for equality of all people, regardless of gender or sex. If you support equal rights for women, men and all other people, you are a feminist, there is no other requirement.

Genderfluid: experiencing and expressing more than one gender at different times.

Gender Binary: The social myth that there are only two genders, female and male.

Non-binary: experiencing and expressing gender outside of the traditionally accepted male-female gender binary.

Genderqueer: a blanket term encompassing the experience and expression of people who do not subscribe to the gender binary.

Agender: without gender, another non-binary identity

A word used to describe someone or something hurtfully, with the intent or likelihood of damaging reputation. Racial and gender slurs are what people are most familiar with. Transgender slurs include tranny, shemale, heshe, ladyboi...etc. All of those words are extremely offensive to these hosts and using them will lead to banning.

And just to conclude, let's make sure that everyone here understands that trans women are WOMEN, and just as much so as cis women. Using slurs like shemale and tranny to talk about trans women is degrading, stigmatizing, and just plain wrong. Stop using them, stop making porn that uses those words, stop searching for those words. Thank you and enjoy the show!

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